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My Dad Martin King was introduced to Mandy in December 2019 when he had a problem with his wrist. After a couple of treatments, his wrist was as good as new! Unfortunately on the 9th March 2020 my dad had an accident and broke this ankle. Mandy kindly offered to come to the house before the Covid-19 lock down was put in place a couple of times to provide some treatments on his ankle. When the lockdown was put in place, Mandy kindly loaned my dad her small therapy machine to use 30 mins everyday. After 4 weeks of using the machine, my dad has been able to walk on his ankle without his support boot and is walking without pain. We thoroughly recommend the therapy treatment that Mandy has provided! She has been extremely generous and helpful throughout the past couple of months! Thank you Mandy! Sophie King. April 2020

I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome where faulty collegen allows my joints to be hypermobile, painful and easily injured. Despite this my hips and knees had become stiff and no longer had their 'normal' (for me) range of movement. After a few sessons, I have got back that range of movement (I can kneel for the first time in years!) and the pain has lessened (I hope to see move improvement but 50 years of joint deterioration won't heal overnight!). Carpal Tunnel Syndrome had started to come back in my left arm (it was operated on about 15 years ago), but this is also improving with treatment - both from Mandy and from the machine I have bought from her to use at home. I also went to one treatment with a headache I had had for 2 days. After the session it was totally gone. I used the machine at home to sucessfully treated my son's shoulder after he fell off a horse and could not raise it above shoulder height. The next day it was totally fine! Fully recommend Mandy and Scenar. Sara Perry. February 2020

I slipped and hurt my shoulder and back i went to a Physiotherapist which helped but the pain did not go away and i could not sleep or work properly a friend recommended Mandy to me after one session the difference was tremendous and the second one cured me.

Victor Shack. February 2020.

A while ago I went to see Mandy about my knees which resulted in a significant improvement to my mobility and a significant reduction in pain. Recently (following a spot of dancing at a Burn’s Night) I experienced some pain in my hip. I thought is would just disappear after a couple of days but after a couple of weeks I decided to pop back and see Mandy and her amazing machine. 2 treatments later I felt like I was ready for a salsa class (although Mandy advised me that maybe I should give those a miss for now). Thank you again Mandy for such a successful treatment. Mel Ward. February 2020

I am so pleased to have found Mandy and her Scenar therapy treatment. Having suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for a couple of years I was desperate to find a treatment to relieve the chronic pain. The difference in my foot after even just a few sessions was remarkable and I am now pain free. I can’t thank you enough Mandy x Debbie Simpson June 2019

It works ! Mandy fixed my damaged hip which osteo treatments failed to improve. it's a remarkable therapy. Highly recommended. Angela Piggott. June 2019

I was introduced to Scenar by Mandy Twine, and after one treatment, my long standing back pain eased considerably. A visit to my physio shortly afterwards confirmed an easing of much tightness in my back and my previous condition of lateral pelvic tilt had disappeared. I was so impressed that I've invested in the home unit.  Very pleased and grateful to Mandy Twine for such professional guidance and advice.

Sandy Pfeifer

I've had the most restful night for a long time and
slept very well. No deep pain this morning just a
feeling of gentle bruising over the treatment area.
Many thanks.

Dear Mandy,

Thank you very much for the treatment session you provided yesterday.You will be pleased to hear that I found it successful and experienced a relief from some of the pain in my neck and the usual associated headache. This lasted most of the day but with tiredness the pain returned in the evening although I did have an undisturbed sleep. This morning I felt better than I have for some time. I shall be grateful if you could offer some help for the future with further sessions and shall be pleased to hear from you in due course.

With many thanks, Mark

"A bit of a late reply... but have to say something to you Mandy: You've done amazing work on me! I felt renewed, not just physically but my hormonal side kick started itself ;) x Thank you from my <3 Jana x"

Thank you Mandy for a very theraputic Scenar session! Great improvement to my knee after the treatment, highly recommended. 

After my first treatment with Mandy, I’ve felt an improvement in my ankle it feels less tight & I was able to walk properly on my foot; which I hadn’t been able to do for a while. My ankle was less painful as I went about my usual activities. I’m looking forward to my next session.

Thank you Mandy for treating both me and tony . its certainly helped with both of us. Tony reports that the pain from his longterm knee problem has been less acute this week! My nerve pain has settled . thank you again x

After a couple of therapy sessions with Mandy, she mentioned I could rent one of her smaller machines. What a good call that was. I had been having trouble with one of my knees and had been for a while. I would be limping by the end of my daily dog walk, I couldn't come down the stairs using alternate feet and had to bear some of my weight when sitting down. I rented a machine for 4 weeks and used it daily either at the end of the day when I was sitting down or during my daily dog walk. What a difference it has made. I am now pain free, limp free and can manage the stairs without looking like I am 90. I would highly recommend having a Sana Scenar Therapy session with Mandy.

Scenar Therapy - I have been receiving treatment with Mandy Twine since the end of May 2018 for lower back and leg pain after full Left Hip replacement 3yrs ago. This took a few sessions to experience an improvement but I am now more mobile, 90% pain free. Not limping and walking straight. Would certainly recommend. Helen Duffell

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